Youth Forum 2016


Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Forum 2016         A project joined with Youth Service America’s Global Youth Service Day

On April 16, 2016 Le Antonio’s Foundation hosted its first Youth Forum, where over 18 youths gathered at Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework, Art and Development Center in Montego Bay to discuss issues that were important to provide a safe and forward moving environment for the youths in Jamaica.

The event was moderated by Mr. Akino Lewis, volunteer art teacher of Le Antonio’s Foundation and a youth himself. Among the young persons were a school teacher, representative of the press, a politician and friends of Le Antonio’s Foundation and Founder with President and Founder of Le Antonio’s Foundation, Mr. Antonio McKoy.


The Youths had several topics and discussions but agreed on crime that is facing the youths in Jamaica, especially Western Jamaica. They tied their discussion with early intervention and education of progress. They brought forth topics surrounding “the community raising families together”, parental control, law enforcement and involvement of foundations such as Le Antonio’s Foundation which has developed a robust End Bullying Globally School Campaign to educated students in Jamaica’s public schools against bullying. From this discussion the Foundation gleaned from the minds of Jamaica’s bright young persons, as the arguments were both charged with each person holding strong to their belief while embracing the arguments of their peers and the adults present.

From this Youth Forum several of the youths joined Le Antonio’s Foundation as Youth Ambassadors and have been involved in several anti-crime, peace and anti-bullying events with the Foundation and other organizations with which the foundation partners with in spreading the message of youth peace.