Shaneil Salmon is seeking a Scholarship to go to University.

Shaneil SalmonMy name is Shaneil Salmon and I attend The Montego Bay High School for Girls where I am a grade 11 student who is currently sitting 10 CSEC examinations namely : Principles of Business, Principles Of Accounts, Office Administration, Mathematics, English A, Information Technology, Human and Social Biology, Physics, Food and Nutrition and Social Studies. I am actively involved in school and in my community and church. I am also a christian. I belong to a family of 5 including my mother and father and 2 brothers.

In school I am involved in clubs and societies such as : Business club, Interact club, Art club, Heritage club. I am big on voluntaring for activities that will improve society. I am also a Food and Nutrition assistant at school where I do my duties of cashier in the cafeteria. My sporting event at school would include playing netball, as it is a passion of mine and my medals stand as witness to this. I actively engage in all events at school as I was placed 2nd in our annual Miss and Mini Montego Bay High School gaining the Most Intelligent prize in the 9th grade. I work really hard to my goals because I understand my financial struggles and I know that I will have to put knowledge to the test. I was placed 1st in my class in the 10th grade and 2nd in the 11th grade for my final assessment. In my community I mentor and help out with homeworks for the younger kids. I am suppose to be attending college in September 2014 as I was accepted to colleges abroad but I cannot because of financial problems. My parents cannot afford to pay the expenses it will cost so I will have no choice than to try and find a job. This was not my wish but I understand my parent’s position and respect it. My dreams include to form a foundation that will assist children who are like me, who has the potential but cannot attend tertiary level because of financial problems. If I get the chance to attend college, it would save another youth from the stereotype that waves over inner city youths and give the world another person to make it better.

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