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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Education will always be society’s safety valve, especially for at-risk youths and youths in disadvantaged circumstances; tertiary education can be the avenue that is their exit from poverty. Young people, at risk or not will need education opportunities to materialize self empowerment in the competitive adult world that they will soon face. Unfortunately, in third world countries as Jamaica many students receive a stellar elementary and high school education, producing exceptional scholars; however, majority of these brilliant minds go to waste after high school because these students cannot afford the cost of a college education, as there are no available grants and financial aid from the government for these students, because small islands simply cannot afford this provision for students.The Le Antonio’s Foundation is taking the step to raise scholarship funds to help students who are registered with the Foundation, attend the college that they are accepted into.

Please sponsor a youth’s education Today through Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Fund. Help a young person experience the future without fear!

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About Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Arm


Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Program provides financial assistance based on academic performance and family financial need to high school or college students selected from a pool of quality applicants. The program is administered by the Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Committee, comprised of the Board of Directors of Le Antonio’s Foundation, along with other volunteers of the Le Antonio’s Foundation. The committee is responsible for fundraising and scholarship events, review of scholarship applications, interview of qualified applicants, selection of scholarship recipient, and presentation of scholarship awards.


The backbone of the funding for the Le Antonio’s Foundation Annual Scholarship Awards will be driven from fundraising, individual donation, corporations, matching funds, membership of the LAF scholarship club, sponsorship or the adopt-a- student campaign.

Le Antonio’s Foundation Sponsor-A-Student Fund 

You can sponsor a student at any level each year and receive a beautiful plaque, or certificate, or mug, T-Shirt stating “My Funds Go To Scholarships,” with the year of your sponsorship and student’s name.

  • Platinum Level 
    $5,000 USD and above:Receive plaque, mug and T-Shirt stating “My Funds Go To Scholarships”
  • Gold Level 
    $1,000 to $5,000 USD: Receive plaque, mug stating “My Funds Go To Scholarships
  • Silver Level
    $500 to $999 USD: Receive certificate, or mug, T-Shirt stating “My Funds Go To Scholarships
  • Bronze Level
    $100 to $499 USD:Receive mug, T-Shirt stating “My Funds Go To Scholarships”
  • Friends Level 
    Less than $100 USD:Receive a T-Shirt stating “My Funds Go To Scholarships”

Le Antonio’s Foundation Adopt-A-Student Fund 

You can adopt a student’s education cost and provide them with annual scholarships to cover their education in total, please contact us for more information.

Le Antonio’s Foundation annual Scholarship Dinner Plate

Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship department will hold an annual fundraising dinner at $100 USD per person having dinner with us.

Le Antonio’s Foundation annual Scholarship Raffle 

Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Department will run a scholarship raffle club where members can enter to win a ipad, 32 inch TV, or dinner for 2.

  • Raffle Club membership: $20 USD
  • Raffle Ticket: $ 10 USD

Only members will be entered into the draw and invited for the drawing.

Le Antonio’s Foundation Annual Scholarship Fruitcake-Off

Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Department will invite member of the community to bake two (2) fruit cakes; other member of the community will come together for cake taste judging and the winning cake will be auctioned off to the community.

Bidding will start at 5 USD

Le Antonio’s Foundation’s Scholarship Fund Matching

Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Department will partner with organization to match individual fund. The public will make a donation, and the corporations will match each donation up to a certain dollar amount

Le Antonio’s Foundation’s Scholarship Annual Radiothon

Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Department will host a national and international Radiothon for fundraising. The fundraising will be a radio event where the radio personality will announce how much we have collected during the even. Several method will be available for donation, such as texting, online and call in.

Other Fund Raising will be done through crowdfunding and social media

Members of the community are invited to submit fundraising ideas

Who Can Apply For A Scholarship

Students: Those in grades 6 through 12 who have been accepted to a high school that requires tuition, or is currently attending a high school that requires tuition. Those who have been accepted to an accredited college, university or training program and need funding to pursue their tertiary education. When applicable, students must prove that they applied for government funding prior to applying for a scholarship from the Le Antonio’s Foundation.

Young Adults: Ages 17-25 who have graduated from a high school with 5 or more CSEC subjects, who have been accepted in or is attending a college or training program full-time.When applicable, students must prove that they applied for government funding prior to applying for a scholarship from the Le Antonio’s Foundation. 


1. Applicant must be enrolled full-time in or accepted by an accredited secondary or post-secondary institution. This acceptance or enrollment must be verifiable by the Le Antonio’s Foundation.
2. Applicant must submit a current original transcript, 2 letters of recommendation, and a notarized wallet or passport- sized photograph.
3. Applicant must also submit a typed essay (300 words) of career goals, academic achievements, organizations involved with, employment, and any other extracurricular activities or volunteer that may enhance the chance of receiving this scholarship.
4. Applications can be completed online via the Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Application Marketplace, where students will complete a profile. Applications can also be completed manually and mailed to Le Antonio’s Foundation’s office. Mailed application must be postmarked no Later than May 31st of each year. No application will be received in the office as a drop off. (applications cannot be dropped off at the office). Online Application will close on May 31st of each year.
5. Incomplete Applications will not be accepted. Applicants will receive immediate online confirmation of their application, or receive a letter that their application has been accepted (if mailed in). Applicants who do not receive a confirmation vial online or mail should contact the Le Antonio’s Foundation scholarship office.

Please Note: All scholarship award checks will be made payable to the school–no exceptions.


90% of funding received by Le Antonio’s Scholarship Department will be distributed to scholarships. The remaining 10% will be allocated towards administrative cost and advertising. Any organization or person can receive an accounting ledger of all the allocation of funds by requesting this from the Le Antonio’s Foundation’s Accounting Department.


For inquiries about Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Program contact Ms. Beckford, Director Of Scholarships HERE

Become a volunteer with the Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship Department HERE

Donate HERE (Please state that you are donating to the scholarship fund)

Le Antonio’s Foundation 2014 Scholarship Recipient 

Le Antonio’s Foundation facilitated three (3) scholarships at the 2014 Back to School Treat and Book Drive. Congratulations to Malika Murray the recipient of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship, Nickardo Billings the recipient of the Mello FM Scholarship and Shemar Thelwell the recipient of the Suzette Brown (Councillor)  Scholarship. We are looking forward to grant more scholarships in the near future. We are also asking the public to sponsor individual students from the Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework and Development Center.

Recipient of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Scholarship: Malika Murray


Recipient of the Mello FM Scholarship: Nickardo Billings


Recipient of the Suzette Brown (Councillor) Scholarship: Shemar Thelwell