Patrina Gayle seeks scholarship to go to college

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“I have been up against tough competition all my life. I would not know how to get along without it”. These words by Walt Disney have truly been the definition of my life.

I am Patrina Millarra Gayle, a 20 year old in pursuit of a tertiary education and a professional future. I grew up as a happy child, always surrounded by people who loved me – an ideal life for a pubescent young girl. I attended the Montego Bay Christian Academy where I sat the G.S.A.T examination and was placed at the Mt. Alvernia High School for Girls. For five years, I attended Mt. Alvernia High School and graduated on the 14th of June 2012. In my senior year in high school I was successful in achieving passing grades for eight (8) subjects: Mathematics, English, Spanish, Biology, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Religious Education, Food and Nutrition through the Caribbean Examination Council (C.X.C). I sat and passed each examination gaining six (6) subjects at the level two standard and two (2) subjects at the level three standard.

In high school I participated in the “Science Club” as well as the “Youth Organization for Upliftment.” I was also a member of Youth Meetings at my church, where I participated in a number of gospel events. In the years of 2012 to 2014, I attended the Montego Bay Community College, where I graduated the June of 2014 with an Associate Degree in Humanities; which I obtained after passing the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (C.A.P.E). While attending the Montego Bay Community College, I was a member of the Montego Bay Rotary Club and participated in a number of community outreaches.

I would not consider myself as brilliant, but I am hard working, ambitious, and a human capable of learning. I have had to work very hard at achieving all my academic accomplishments, and have had to put in many extra hours of studies and tutoring, but I am committed to seeking what is defined as success for me.  I will not allow my shortcomings to hinder me because I am determined to go up against this big competition we call life.

I spent almost all my childhood in a single-parent home. In the year 2005 my mother separated from my father and my father had the sole responsibility of caring for both my sister and I. At that time it was manageable for him to balance the bills, two girls, and our basic necessities — but later he became unemployed and life changed. It became arduous to make ends meet. I have tried to use this as an objective lesson, but that has been a struggle, leaving my hopes and dreams with the appearance in my mind as a “flotsam”.

My lifelong goal is to succeed in my studies and go on to work in the field of medicine where I can develop skills, utilize my ability and prove my worth.  My reason for this is, I have a deep desire to help others, whether mentally or physically and becoming a doctor is the way I can prove to myself and to others that it can be done. I am one step closer to making it reality; I was accepted to the Saint Leo University in Florida, USA to study in the field of Biomedical and Health Sciences. I was granted an academic grant of $3,500 USD which will be deducted from the original annual tuition and boarding of $30,340 USD reducing it to $26,840 USD. To be accepted at this university is a great achievement but to attend would be the greatest success for me. I will be grateful for any financial assistance that will help me in attending Saint Leo University.

We all have our goals, but we will forever have obstacles in our way. As Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off you goals”. And I will keep my eyes on mine!

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my pursuit of attending the Saint Leo University. I can provide any additional information that you may find necessary. Please consider helping to change my future. Any donation towards a scholarship for me will be more than appreciated and you will have helped to make a difference in my life.


Patrina M. Gayle


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