Mission | Vision | Core Values

LAF Christmas Treat 2014 176MISSION STATEMENT: “We Serve Humanity:Rebuilding inner-city communities, one family at a time”

Our Mission

Le Antonio’s Foundation is committed to provide a haven which inspires lifelong learning through education, training, mentoring, opportunities, and wellness to youths who are without present hope living in neglected, poverty stricken communities.

Our Vision

Le Antonio’s Foundation is an educational life-affirming organization which exist to witness every child (who lives in the communities which it focuses on) develop a well rounded crime free character; and with the completion of primary, secondary and tertiary education become successful adults in their own right.

Our Core Values

Le Antonio’s Foundation’s efforts are all based upon these core values:

  • We believe family is the foundation of every society, and that today’s children will lead the future –and without positive adult supervision and guidance they will fail; and our society will fail.
  • We believe each of us are created with a Purpose and Mission.
  • We believe we are all designed to live a meaningful life.
  • We believe that through fortunate life-connections we can rise above any circumstance.
  • We believe that each of us are responsible for our life choices and the results of such.
  • We are community-minded; our life Purpose involves compassion and action by serving those in need.
  • We accept cultural diversities, but acknowledge that we are no different from each other.

 Your Role

There are many ways in which you can help support us promote the inspiring work of Le Antonio’s Foundation.

We are continually establishing partnerships, sponsorship and donor relations with individuals (anyone) and organizations who share the same passion. Partner relationships from local, national and international businesses and professionals, churches, civic and statutory organization will foster our vision. Here’s how you can help: