Mikiela Gonzales


Mikiela Gonzalez – Founder, ProChangersJa. External Affairs Chairperson, UWI Mona Guild

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are rather powerful beyond measure.” Ms. Mikiela Gonzales, student leader at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and founder of ProChangersJa, has used the popular gem as the foundation to her accomplishments both academically and socially.

Please join Le Antonio’s Foundation in welcoming Ms. Gonzales to Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference 2015!

Mikiela’s many awards includes multiple CAPE island and Caribbean placements, a Dean’s List awardee, member of the Mary Seacole Honor Society, Role model of the year for the Mary Seacole Hall 2015, and the UWI Primer Award for Service in 2015.

Growing up in the Inner-city community of Mountain View, Kingston, Mikiela has been exposed to hardships and understands that one’s background does not define who you are but serves as an inspiration for becoming the best you. She is very passionate about changing the socio-economic landscape of inner-city communities like where she grew up, and has applied to her life the belief that “action and vision can change the world.” Mikiela Gonzalez formed the group “ProChangersJa” and has been using it to inspire and encourage young people from impoverished communities to excel, as well as to inspire other young people to embrace their philanthropic aspirations.

Mikiela Gonzales also has embraced her responsibility as a leader to serve the UWI Mona Guild as External Affairs Chairperson and the UWI Actuarial Society as President for the upcoming academic year. This summer she was a UWI Representative at the National Conference for College Women Student Leadership.

Mikiela intends to pursue further studies and is passionate about making a positive change in Jamaica especially in her area of study Mathematics. This prominent student leader at the UWI is breaking that proverbial glass ceiling to become a significant woman leader at the University of the West Indies and a prospective national leader.

Ms. Gonzales’s passion, drive, and commitment to leadership will refresh the youths of the inner-cities, and all the youths attending Le Antonio’s Youth conference 2015 as they meet this inspiring young speaker on November 5, 2015.