Mentoring Program

Le Antonio’s Foundation Mentoring Program- This innovation is regarded by the directors of Le Antonio’s Foundation as being absolutely vital to the survival of youths, especially in disadvantaged communities where there are not that many positive role models. Le Antonio’s Foundation will partner with accomplished and respected individuals locally, nationally and internationally to mentor and become role models for children and young adults.

Success is a favorable or prosperous end of attempts at one’s endeavors | The accomplishment of one’s goals.

A unique function of a mentor in a non-school setting is that the mentor can often help the mentee on a personal 1:1 level, making it easier to impart life’s “rules” that are necessary for success in a youth. Mentors in after-school and community based settings such as the Le Antonio Foundation often develop close trusting relationships with their mentee and are often better positioned to communicate clearly to at-risk youths about the consequences of their actions, both positive and negative. Due to the close communication that can develop between the mentor and the mentee –the mentor may be able to identify early, any outlier behavior(s) or pattern with the student that requires change, and therefore provide directions in corrective actions, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Caring adults outside of the formal school system often have a better understanding of the students’ personal life and can help them find safe havens within the school day. At-risk youths need relationships that are both caring and stable; they need to feel a sense of trust and have someone to communicate the complexity, frustrations, and positive aspects of their lives in and out of school.

A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future and gives him the knowledge to achieve it.

Mentors will benefit from developed personal relationships and sponsorship of a youth, while gaining the fulfillment of seeing the lives of families change and achieve success. The Le Antonio’s Foundation will host an annual “Professional Day Banquet” where the children and young adults will meet with their mentors in a relaxed environment; and both parties will be recognized by Le Antonio’s Foundation and other community leaders for their combined personal achievements, progress, and life changes benefited from the partnership between mentor and mentee.

Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework & Development Center offers a mentorsing program that is designed to help at-risk students succeed in school. Acting as role models, mentors spend time with individual students once or twice a week —encouraging, listening, making suggestions and decisions, taking the student to events and activities they would have not otherwise be exposed to, or to the mentor’s place of employment to help the student learn about a career path and consider further education.

Program Launch: The Le Antonio’s Foundation which depends on sponsors, partners and fundraising to carry out its mission, recently launched its mentoring program on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 –Financial Advisor Meganne Clarke of Guardian Life Insurance discussed leadership with the students of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework and Development Center.