Meet The Volunteers of LAF

Meet the volunteer educators at Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework & Development Center

Our volunteer partners are unpaid professional community members that offer their time and service to advance the work of LAF; we respect their valuable time and skills. Each volunteer is trained on the expectations of Le Antonio’s Foundation, and are monitored in keeping with a uniformed structure. LAF tries to provide these leaders with as much as we can in materials and books donated. This not only ensures more effective implementation of our programs, but also helps to provide quality education to the children.

IMG_20140122_073347Hello! I’m an English Language, Literature, History, and Social Studies teacher; it can be said of me that teaching “is my life’s calling.” I hold a B.A degree in Secondary Education. When I was contacted by Le Antonio’s Foundation to be a member of their volunteer team I did not hesitate, it is my pleasure to serve these young people. Being a part of the Homework and Development Center is a wonderful experience for me; the students are eager to learn and they are getting tremendous help with their homework. It warms my heart to see students making the effort to be at the Center every evening after they have completed a full day of school. I am overwhelmed with happy emotions to see the number of students who attends the Homework & Development Center daily! The Le Antonio’s Foundation is doing extremely wonderful for the lives of these young people!


P6110302Here at Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework & Development Center we want the students to have the opportunity to learn a second language. I want them to love to learn so I normally sing songs, and recite poems with them in Spanish. The students enjoy singing in Spanish a lot and are willing to learn and participate in Spanish activities. We have Spanish lessons one evening per week, but the students are requesting it every evening. Volunteering at LAF has been great success.

~Spanish Teacher


IMAG0548  NATHAN 1Hi, I’m Nathan N. Ferguson, I am a linguist who speaks several languages, I am also the French teacher at Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework & Development  Center. It is one of the greatest honor working with the dynamic team led by Mr. Antonio Mckoy in training the brilliant young minds of the children and watch them grow and glow.