Marcia Skervin


Marcia Skervin – CMI, J.P Human Resource Manager, Director of Connect Your Dots, Radio Co-host

Guest speaker of Le Antonio’s Youth Conference 2015, Marcia ‘Moriah’ Skervin, CMI, J.P is honorably acknowledged as part of Jamaica’s history as the countries’ first youngest, Justice of The Peace. Marcia is well know for her talents as a freelance tutor in Spanish, motivational speaker, publicist, writer and singer. Her passion extends as a philanthropist committed to The Ronald Skervin Foundation, which is dedicated to her brother who loss his battle with cancer in 2011.

Ms. Skervin is an alumni of Excelsior High School, the Stony Hill HEART Academy, the University College of the Caribbean and Edexcel/RDI UK and University of Sunderland, UK. Her studies include Human Resource Management, Business Communication, Marketing, Management Studies, Public Relations and Spanish. Her resume’ of experience expands to include hosting a radio program called “Equal Spaces” — funded by UN Women in association with WMW Jamaica on Roots FM. From the shores of Jamaica, Marcia she works part time with New Style Radio UK, where she co-host the program: Reggae Matrix; while keeping her current employment as the Human Resource Manager at BH Paints, Jamaica and also the Director of Connect Your Dots a motivational and consultancy company.

Marcia is also certified by UN Women in the following areas:

  • Gender equality and streaming
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Mediation and conflict resolutions

As an accomplished leader and mother Ms. Skervin can deliver a wealth of experience to the youth attending the Youth Conference 2015. Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference 2015 is pleased to host her as one of our guest speakers.