Le Antonio’s Foundation Treats the Homeless

Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Movement Treats the Homeless and Street Peddlers to Lunch


Homeless Mandeville Man is Treated to Lunch by the Le Antonio’s Foundation

“The Youth Movement is again on the go! The Le Antonio’s Foundation and the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Movement travelled from Montego Bay, St James to the town of Mandeville, Manchester to make the day of the Homeless, displaced, and street peddlers of Mandeville.”


Shahila Bailey, head of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Movement, and Volunteer Frank Delivers Lunch to Elderly Woman on the Street In Mandeville


Mckoy and Volunteer Frank Carrying Food

Our camera’s candidly captured the volunteers on the move –carrying containers of food that was prepared by a local Mandeville restaurateur who partnered with the Foundation for this event. Mr. Mckoy (front), Founder and President of the Foundation and volunteer Frank hustled to bring the packages of food to the town before the lunch hour.


The Foundation Team Stragizing Before Delivery of their Gifts of Food

The team arrived in Mandeville and got straight to the business of feeding the people on the street, who are often elderly and forgotten because they are displaced, homeless or peddling from day to day as means of their survival. The Volunteers made the parking lot of the Jucie Patties restaurant their office (left) for the day as they gathered to strategize the coverage of the regions in the town; ensuring effective delivery their gifts of food and beverages.


Public Relations Manager Latisha Lester Leads the Team Through The Streets of Mandeville

Above: After their parking lot meeting the “Men In Red” happily trotted through the streets of Mandeville, which welcomed the “out of towners” on a mission of serving humanity! They organized and dispersed themselves in adequate spread around the town and delivered food and beverages to the displaced and street peddlers around Mandeville Town.


The Le Antonio’s Foundation Team In Mandeville

Above: At the end an exciting day of giving back to the residents on the streets of Mandeville, the volunteers of Le Antonio’s Foundation exhaled as they returned to the parking lot and memorialized the event with a group picture.

The gallery of pictures below tells the story of the Foundation’s mission during this event, which reached the heart of the mostly elderly residents on the streets of Mandeville. This is another initiative of the Youth movement, which was organized by Ms. Lester, the Le Antonio’s Foundation Public Relations Manager, and Ms. Shahila Bailey, head of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Movement — who are both residents of Manchester .