Le Antonio’s Foundation 2015 Ventures

“Donovan Marshall’s Smile Projected From His Heart as He Receives His New Macbook From the Le Antonio’s Foundation”

LAF Donates Macbook to Student

Donovan Marshall Gets a Macbook

February 2015

Thanks to a sponsor — Le Antonio’s Foundation was able to donate a Macbook to a deserving High School student, who expressed the difficulties he faced with his studies because he did not have frequent access to a computer.

Le Antonio’s Foundation was treated to the invaluable words of “Thank you so much” paired with a Kodak moment look on the face of High School student Donovan Marshall who actively attends Le Antonio’s Homework Center in the evenings after his High School classes are dismissed. To Donovan the Homework Center is the oasis which he relies on to complete his homework assignments, study, and use the resources which he does not have at home. He is just one of the inner-city youths who demonstrate leadership potentials as they rely on the Le Antonio’s Foundation’s Homework and Development Center. Last year Donovan expressed his need (wish) for a laptop to complete his school assignments and be able to continue to advance in his High School career — we heard his heart’s desire — so when a sponsor donated a Macbook to us we kept our promise to him, and made his wish become a reality! Mr. Antonio McKoy-Founder and President of Le Antonio’s Foundation presented Donovan with the Apple Macbook.

LAF Donates Macbook to Student

Antonio McKoy, President of Le Antonio’s Foundation Hands Over Macbook to Student





“Volunteer of the Le Antonio’s Youth Conference-Youth Movement Gives Back to the Elderly”

February 13, 2015

LAF Youth Conf Logo 3

Today fourteen (14) elderly families from the disadvantaged (ghetto) areas of Railway Lane and Barnet Lane -Montego Bay, St. James, and the Sandy Bay area in the parish of Hanover benefited from the efforts of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Movements, a body of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference.

Youths are volunteering to raise funds and give back to the community as a part of the initiative of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference to promote empathy, humanitarianism, responsibility and leadership in the young generation — leaders of tomorrow. In the coming months, the Youth Movement will be hosting several events to encourage community service and comradery of the youths — these events will lead into the grand event of the Le Antonio’s Foundation National Youth Conference 2015.

2015 Youths Giving Back 6

From left to right respectively: Rohena Blake, Sibrena Fenon, Sophia Elliot and Shahila Bailey

These young ladies were excited to participate in giving back, they were all smiles as they packed groceries and toiletries into black plastic bags and handed the bags to the needy elderly who showed up at the Homework and Development Center for donations. We say Kudos to the future generation!

Help Us In Serving, Please Donate Now




We are need of donations to continue helping the community. We only had food bags for 14 families, which will last only one day or two in most families. As the news spread throughout the community that Le Antonio’s Foundation is donating food to the elderly — families in the communities began to show up at the Foundation door in mass amounts. We could not meet the need of more than the first 14 families and with regret, we had to turn away so many families. Please help our hands by donating food, slightly used or new clothing, toys, toiletries, money or whatever you can. No donation is ever too small.



“Le Antonio’s Foundation Treats the Homeless & Street Peddlers to Lunch”


Homeless Mandeville Man is Treated to Lunch by the Le Antonio’s Foundation

The Youth Movement is again on the go! The Le Antonio’s Foundation and the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Movement travelled from Montego Bay, St James to the town of Mandeville, Manchester to make the day of the Homeless, displaced, and street peddlers of Mandeville.


Mckoy and Volunteer Frank Carrying Food


Seen here carrying containers of food that was prepared by a local Mandeville restauranteur who partnered with the Foundation for this event. Mr. Mckoy (front), Founder and President of the Foundation and volunteer Frank hustled to bring the packages of food to the town before the lunch hour.


The Foundation Team Gathering Before Delivery of the Gift of Food


The team arrived in Mandeville and got straight to the business of feeding the people on the street, who are often elderly and forgotten because they are displaced, homeless or peddling from day to day as means of their survival . The Volunteers made the parking lot their office for the day as they gathered to strategize the coverage of the regions in the town; ensuring effective delivery their gifts of food and beverages.

After their meeting they happily trotted through the streets of Mandeville, which welcomed the “out of towners” on a mission of serving humanity!


Public Relations Manager Latisha Lester leads the team

The gallery of pictures below tells the story of the Foundation’s mission during this event, which reached the heart of the mostly elderly residents on the streets of Mandeville. This is another initiative of the Youth movement –which was organized by Ms. Lester, the Le Antonio’s Foundation Public Relations Manager, and Ms. Shahila Bailey, head of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Movement; who are both residents of Manchester. The team happily organized and dispersed themselves in adequate spread around the town and delivered food and beverages to the displaced and street peddlers.


The Le Antonio’s Foundation Team In Mandeville


After an exciting day of giving back to the residents on the streets of Mandeville, the volunteers of Le Antonio’s Foundation exhaled as they returned to the parking lot and memorialized the event with a group picture.





 Montego Bay South Division Labor Day 2015 Project

May 2015

The Montego Bay South Division Labor Day 2015 project was spare headed by councilor Suzette Brown and part sponsored by Member of Parliament (MP) Lloyd B Smith and Le Antonio’s Foundation. The Foundation planned and coordinated the cleanup and beautification of Railway Lane, Light body Ave, and Barnett Lane with over 100 volunteers from the respective inner-cities and their environs.

Gallery Here