Julie Marie Mansfield


Julie Mansfield – Author, Founder Give Me Dignity INC

“I am too competitive to let them win!” Give Me Dignity, INC founder, Julie Mansfield affirmed in a television interview.”

Please join Le Antonio’s Foundation in welcoming Ms. Mansfield to Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference 2015!

Julie Marie Mansfield, is a dynamic speaker, author, and influential public figure in the United States and Jamaica. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Julie — an educated, informed woman of dignity, avows to continue raising the flags on humanizing the problem of childhood sex abuse, using her a triumphant voice of survival for the victims who are often defenseless and voiceless.

With her passion to keep youths safe, stable and healthy — guest speaker of Le Antonio’s Youth Conference 2015, Ms. Julie Marie Mansfield, who authored her personal memoir “Maybe God Was Busy” , will be an influential resource to the youths attending Youth Conference 2015 on November, 5, 2015. Register now, as this event cannot be missed!