End Bullying Globally Forum


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The End Bullying Globally Forum was introduced to the general community in Montego Bay, St James on April 6, 2016 to brings awareness to the pervasive problem of bullying among the youths of Jamaica. 

The End Bullying Globally Campaign in Jamaican Schools and the End Bullying Globally Forums are the first initiatives in Jamaica to tackle the issue of bullying from an open community point. The End Bullying Forum on April 6, 2016 held at the St. John’s Methodist Center in Montego Bay was attended by school principals, law enforcement, students, parents, government leaders, youth leaders, a psychatrist and physicians among many.

The Forum was endorsed by Mayor Glendon Harris, His Worship. Mayor of Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica, Senior Superintendent of  Police, Montego Bay, Steve McGreggor

Panelist of Le Antonio’s Foundation 1st End Bullying Globally Forum

Mrs. Dian Foster-Wright- Educator (Moderator End Bullying Globally Forum)
Dr. Julian Walters- Psychiatrist
Dr. Arusha Chambers – Dermatologist
Ms. Michelle Beckford – Le Antonio’s Foundation, Executive Director of Scholarships
Mr. Jerry Winkler – Principal, Montego Bay Christian Academy
Ms. Saunjae Brown- Teacher, Le Antonio’s Foundation
Mr. Aubrey Stewart – Youth Ambassador
Mr. Volney Barrett – Senior Journalist


What Drives Our Passion Behind the End Bullying Globally Initiative 

The END BULLYING GLOBALLY CAMPAIGN & FORUM started after student of Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework and Development Center confided in us that they were struggling with being bullied. We began interviewing the community youths and was faced with a challenge as we talked with children who are being bullied or are bullies themselves. We quickly realized that bullying is a global issue facing our youths. We knew instantly that our children need a voice, and since Le Antonio’s Foundation was formed on serving humanity, we answered the challenge to be the voice of our youths facing the monster of being bullied or being a bully. The Foundation decided the best way to solve this problem is to form an education and professional network to illuminate the effects of bullying, and create structures of intervention, counseling and prevention mechanisms to support the youths that are affected by this: Thus the birth of Le Antonio’s Foundation End Bullying Globally Campaign and Forum.

We are Seeking Sponsors for the End Bullying Globally Events  

The April 2016 Major Sponsors are listed on this banner below:


The END BULLYING GLOBALLY CAMPAIGN & FORUM will receive nationwide exposure in the media, including radio, television and newspapers. This is an opportunity to showcase Prospective Sponsor’s products and business, and possibly increase their market share. We will highlight your business as a sponsor in all our promotions of the END BULLYING GLOBALLY CAMPAIGN & FORUM. Your business logo will be added to the End Bullying Globally Campaign sponsorship banner and swags, which will be showcased at all end Bullying Globally events! We are anxious to highlight you as sponsor of this initiative.

Who Will Attend the End Bullying Globally Forums 

Le Antonio’s Foundation End Bullying Globally initiative will invite Montego Bay community members from the following categories to be a speaker at the youth forums:

  • Le Antonio’s Foundation Leadership Team
  • Le Antonio’s Foundation’s End Bullying Globally Volunteer Team
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Physicians
  • Psychiatrist
  • Community Leaders
  • Parents
  • Media  

Discussion Agenda for the End Bullying Globally Forums


  • End Bullying Campaign activities
  • New End Bullying events
  • Effects of bullying on society
  • Establishment of a victim support team
  • Establishment of a victim support hot-line
  • Establishment of support sub-groups in schools 
  • Matrix to measure the effectiveness of the End Bullying Campaigns 
  • Community awareness of bullying 
  • Navigation methods to bring attention to prevention of bullying among youths nationwide
  • Development of Le Antonio’s Foundation community Anti-bullying education team