Donnaree Taylor is Seeking a Scholarship to finalize her course at Teacher’s College.

Donnaree TaylorAn Autobiography – Donnaree Taylor

“Education is identical with helping the child realize his potentialities.” This statement was made by Erich Fromm, a German psychologist, psychoanalyst and philosopher in his book The Art of Loving in 1956. It is one of the guiding principles in my life. I firmly believe that without education, hope would be lost and the future would be dim and gloomy; devoid of hope. I have dedicated myself to playing an active role in the education of children and to make sure there is hope for the future. My name is Donnaree Taylor and I’m studying to enter the noble profession that has the ability to make and inspire individual to greatness; the teaching profession.

On May 10, 1994, I was born as the only child between the union of Donald and Ivylyn Taylor. I had a normal childhood; went to kindergarten school and then on to an all age school. While I was enrolled at Granville All Age, I make a decision that I would become a teacher. While I may have been too young to fully grasp the concept of what teaching entails and what it meant to be a teacher, I just knew this was the profession I wanted to venture into. In 2006, after successfully completing my Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), I was enrolled at Mt. Alvernia High School, an all girls Roman Catholic School sitting atop a hill in the busy city of Montego Bay. It was there I developed a deep, abiding and lasting passion for all things science. Being an active member of the school’s Environmental Watch Club only helped me to become more entrenched in my love for science. It was here I gained an appreciation for the environment I live in and made me a very environmentally conscious person up until this day. I successfully completed my studies at Mt. Alvernia in 2011, where it culminated in me graduating with eight (8) Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) subjects; with distinctions in Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Information Technology and a credit in Geography.

In 2011, I enrolled at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Education. This was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my lifetime wish to become a teacher and my deep passion for science. I am currently in my third year of study in pursuing my degree with a major in Biology and minor in Mathematics. In addition to completing courses that are geared towards assuming the mantle of “teacherhood”, Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College has equipped me with other beneficial and lifelong skills. Just recently, I completed a foreign language course named Functional Spanish and a business course, Entrepreneurship.

Having said that, the future is uncertain as to whether or not I will be able to complete my studies to become a teacher. I am having financial problems that will prevent me from entering my fourth and final year. My parents have endeavoured to do their best in helping me to fulfil my dream, but it is very difficult. My father suffered a massive stoke many years before, that totally incapacitated the right side of his body. He has since regained some function but will never fully regain all the functions of that side of his body. Because of this, he lost his job and has never been employed since. My mother is the only breadwinner in the house now. However, she struggles as she tries to provide for the family out of the earnings of the small shop she operates in the community.

The school fee for the upcoming academic year 2014 – 2015 is unclear yet, but can be estimated to be between two hundred thousand and two hundred and thirty thousand Jamaican dollars (JM$200,000.00 – JM$230,000.00). Approximately, this is two thousand to two thousand three hundred United State dollars (US$2000.00 – US$2300.00). Any assistance to help complete my dream to become an agent working towards empowering youths and thus securing our future will be greatly appreciated.

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