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Medical Supplies & Service | Le'Antonio's FoundationA person’s health is usually the most fundamental of all his concerns. Many persons in low income (poverty or below poverty level) situations are challenged to find the resources to afford even basic medication and medical services. Le Antonio’s Foundation understands the importance of health services and equipment to families and individuals in various communities. We intend to assist with this basic of human needs. We (LAF) need your donation of time, expertise, equipment and supplies to enable us to fulfill this most critical mandate.

We welcome your time either individually or as a group, as well as medical/medicinal supplies, and equipment. Join us at Le Antonio’s Foundation as we seek to contribute what we can to uplift the health and well-being of our brothers and sisters in vulnerable communities.



POSTAL ADDRESS:         PO Box 150. Montego Bay #1, Jamaica, West Indies

VISITING ADDRESS:     1 Barnett Lane. Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

PHONE: Office:                 1(876) 610-6962 or +1(876) 632-3172

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