Community Development

The directors of Le Antonio’s Foundation (LAF) have identified five (5) FLAGSHIP areas which are especially deserving of focus and charitable commitment. 

1. Job Training: Unemployment is at a high in the lower economic class of Montego Bay, Jamaica. This results from the lack of job training and job accession for families, youths and breadwinners –who have very little or no preparation for jobs and no financial means for career training. With charitable funding, the Le Antonio’s Foundation Development Center will partner with employers to provide:

  • On the job or off the job training & development
  • Resume’ preparation
  • Professional mentoring
  • Life coaching
  • Dress code workshop
  • Work ethics & integrity training
  • Scholarships for formal training to be gained from educational institutes.

This arm of the Le Antonio’s seeks to change the future of the families in these neighborhood.

2. Scholarships: The scholarship department within Le Antonio’s Foundation Development Center will enhance the student-professional possibilities of the brightest and most ambitious students within the inner cities of Montego Bay who are financially “crippled” (by poverty). We will provide financial scholarships for their educational needs from the secondary level to the college level. Le Antonio’s Foundation seeks charitable funding for scholarships that will provide tuition, books, supplies, clothing, meals, transportation and activities for students. LAF will also partner with Montego Bay’s high schools, and colleges (national and international) to sponsor young adults in attaining their dreams of attending high school and attaining a college education.

3. Tutoring/Mentoring: Le’ Antonio’s  Foundation Homework Center is the after-school hub for children needing additional help with their studies, or resources to complete their after school work. Most families within the inner cities cannot afford computers, internet connection, fax machines, extra school help, or resources (books and supplies) for their children. With charitable funding LAF’s Homework Center will provide the following services:

  • French & Spanish Tutoring–The students who are registered with the LAF’s Homework Center, have the opportunity to learn a different language outside of the English language. Testing has demonstrated that bilinguals sometimes show increased cognitive skills (metalinguistic awareness, cognitive flexibility, and creativity) over monolinguals. Students who are exposed to other languages will benefit from a commitment to language as a whole.
  • Mathematics & English Tutoring– All students registered in the Le’ Antonio’s Foundation Homework Center are mandated to participate in both english and mathematics classes. This will improve their language, reading, grammar, comprehension, composition, calculation and overall analytical abilities; which is necessary in their preparation for high school, higher education or job training and preparation. The tutors at the LAF’s Homework Center will ensure that every child participates in these classes. The educators at the LAF Center seeks to identify and overcome core problems when young students struggle to learn and apply even the simplest numerical and language concepts. The objective is to intervene as early and quickly as possible before these at-risk students fall too far behind their peers. The Le Antonio’s Foundation’s Homework Center will intervening at an early level to facilitate intense focus on these at-risk students. Research shows that only approximately 25% of young students will do very well in math; these students usually have a natural aptitude for numbers and will succeed in almost any classroom program. Another 50% of students will succeed if they are fortunate enough to be placed in a well-organized math curriculum. But unfortunately, the remaining 25% of students are likely to become permanent low-attainers, or “math failures.” Their inability to grasp and conceptualize numerical patterns or develop any real math skills will follow them throughout their school years and beyond. These are the students for whom the Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework Center’s math tutoring can make the most remarkable difference!
  • Homework and Research- All registered students in the LAF Homework Center will have access to use of the internet, printers, computers, fax and books to carry out homework and school related work. Stationery and other supplies will be made available.
  • Mentorship Program- This innovation is regarded by the directors of Le Antonio’s Foundation as being absolutely vital to the survival of any youth, especially in disadvantaged communities where there are not that many positive role models–
    • The Le Antonio’s Foundation will partner with accomplished and respected individuals locally, nationally and internationally to mentor and become role models for children and young adults. A unique function of a mentor in a non-school setting is that the mentor can often help the mentee on a personal 1:1 level, making it easier to impart life’s “rules” that are necessary for success in a youth. Mentors in after-school and community based settings such as the Le’Antonio Foundation often develop close trusting relationships with their mentees and are often better positioned to communicate clearly to at-risk youths about the consequences of their actions, both positive and negative. Due to the close communication that can develop between the mentor and the mentee –the mentor may be able to identify early, any outlier behavior(s) or pattern with the student that requires change, and therefore provide directions in corrective actions, encouragement, and positive reinforcement.
    • Caring adults outside of the formal school system often have a better understanding of the students’ personal life and can help them find safe havens within the school day. At-risk youths need relationships that are both caring and stable; they need to feel a sense of trust and have someone to communicate the complexity, frustrations, and positive aspects of their lives in and out of school.
    • Mentors will benefit from developed personal relationships and sponsorship of a youth, while gaining the fulfillment of seeing the lives of families change and achieve success. The Foundation will host an annual “Professional Day Banquet” where the children and young adults will meet with their mentors in a relaxed environment; and both parties will be recognized by the Foundation and other community leaders for their combined personal achievements, progress, and life changes benefited from the partnership between mentor and mentee.

4. Health/Nutrition Lifestyles: The Le Antonio’s Foundation recognizes the need for proper nutrition in addition to successful training and education. Unfortunately, many families in the inner cities of MoBay cannot provide their children and young adults with consistent or nutritious meals to fortify their brains and body cells. With charitable funding LAF provides nutritious meals to each student and young adults registered with the Homework and Development Center.

Le Antonio’s Foundation will partner with medical professionals to provide annual health checks, vision and dental care. We will provide information on preventing sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies. The organization will also create a health fund in promoting healthy lifestyles to combat obesity and life threatening diseases, with primary focus on diabetes in children and adolescents who live in the inner-cities of Montego Bay and neighboring impoverished or rural communities.

5. Sports: Le Antonio’s Foundation passionately believes that youth and adult participation in sport activities will help to reduce antisocial and aggressive behavior within the local communities. Sports is known to be a powerful unifying and cultural force which binds young people in competitive team activities. LAF will expand the current on-going competitions in popular sporting events. Emphasis will be on creating a number of new competitions, so as to widen the involvement of young people in the 12 to 25 age group. We will depend on charitable funding to purchase and provide equipment, uniforms and cover the cost of transportation and travel accommodation and other resources.