Barnett Lane Princess

 Crowning Our Princess

LAF Christmas Treat 2014 138

During the 2014 Christmas treat for the children of Barnet Lane and surrounding communities –Ms. Barnet Lane Princess was crowned! She gained her honorary crown following a dance competition and poetry reading and pageant questions. The audience voted and she was crowned!!! Ms. Barnett Lance Princess is also a member of the Homework Center, where she receives tutoring after school.¬†¬†LAF Christmas Treat 2014 112



LAF Christmas Treat 2014 107LAF Christmas Treat 2014 105














Le Antonio Foundation’s Kids Dance Competition

Meet the winner of the LAF Kids Christmas Treat 2014!

LAF-Christmas-Treat-2014-Dance Competiton1 LAF-Christmas-Treat-2014-Dance Competiton