Ayesha Constable


Ayesha Constable – PhD candidate, UWI

Ayesha Constable – an activist for young women, who is best described as a risk taker, a leader and a dreamer who’s not afraid to turn her fantasies into reality. After completing her undergraduate degree in geography at the University of the West Indies, Ms. Constable participated in a teaching exchange program in Japan. She is currently pursuing a doctorate (PhD) in geography, at the University of the West Indies, Kingston.

Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference 2015 is excited to introduce Ms. Constable as one of our guest speaker at the Youth Conference 2015.

After returning from Japan, Ayesha taught English Language at a senior high school before traveling to Taiwan and Thailand. She later became engaged in the Commonwealth Building Bridges Fellowship and traveled to England with young women from across the Commonwealth for a one-week residential program where she was trained to deal with women’s issues and offer empowerment.

Ms. Constable’s resume of achievements includes vice-chair of ‘I’m Glad I’m a Girl’, which was geared towards impacting young women from vulnerable communities across Jamaica through a residential camp at Mary Seacole Hall at UWI. She is also the youth advocate for the Young Women’s Leadership Initiative and was one of five representatives from the Caribbean who took part in Global Power Shift in 2013 held in Turkey, and in December 2014, she traveled to Peru to participate in a United Nations convention framework on climate change. In 2014 Ms. Constable also facilitated a gender, governance and empowerment retreat for leaders in St Kitts and Nevis with female leaders and teen mothers.

Ayesha hails from Glengoffe, St Catherine, and aspires to become a renowned expert on gender and climate change. She is not only a leader but also tutors geography at UWI, and considers herself to be a big sister to many of the students.

This brilliant speaker cannot be missed — her life experiences, personal challenges, and dare to succeed persona will have every youth sitting on the edge of their chair! Ms. Constable will lend a landscape of reality which speaks to the possibilities of achievement through self empowerment, aspiration and education.