History of Le Antonio’s Foundation


Warm Greetings from the Founder & President of Le Antonio’s Foundation-Antonio McKoy

Friends and partners of Le Antonio’s Foundation, it is with great honor that I extend a warm welcome on behalf of our team, both nationally (Jamaica) and internationally. When I established Le Antonio’s Foundation, I wondered if anyone would join my hands in caring for the plight of the children and families in the inner-cities that I have come to love. It did not take long before you saw the vision with me, and you began to join us in caring by partnering with us and giving. I thank you for your heart and hands. We are committed to ensuring and establishing a safe and productive way forward for the youths of our time. The Foundation focuses mainly on uplifting and empowering of the lives of persons who are in need of opportunities, resources, and encouragement. Our dream is to ensure that our goals and mission are fulfilled with the help of all, as we serve humanity together. Thank you for being a part of this vision for the future of our youths!

~Antonio McKoy

Le Antonio’s Foundation

Le Antonio’s Foundation is a Jamaican nationally registered charitable organization since December 2013 which offers a free homework center and humanitarian services to inner-city youths. In keeping with our motto “A Haven where at-risk youths experience teamwork, and get help learning new skills that they find valuable and helpful in their lives,” the doors of the Le Antonio’s Foundation’s Homework and Development Center opened on March 31, 2014 at 1 Barnett Lane, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica.

We are not funded by the government, we depend on sponsorship, partnership, and volunteers to make our mission and vision possible. Le Antonio’s Foundation incorporates tutoring and academic enrichment activities that support  each student’s achievement in the classroom, and help students meet proficiency requirements by Jamaica’s public schools. We aims to provide avenues to empower the lives of the youths and families in the lower socioeconomic neighborhoods.  

Registration Number: CA100-258C

Le Antonio’s Foundation currently operates three (3) initiatives:

  • Le Antonio’s Foundation Homework and Development Center
  • Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference
  • Le Antonio’s Foundation End Bullying Globally Campaign and Forum     

The Foundation has been active since its formation in serving the inner-city community, schools and other organization with donated food, and supplies. Each year we provide the students of our surrounding Montego Bay inner-cities with back to school supplies, and a street fair where they are treated to food, desert and beverages, a bounce-about, a marching band and back to school medical check-up. In December of each year we have also successfully treated the children of these communities with Christmas toys and a festive street fair.

Our Team

A team of humanitarians and construction business professionals, Le Antonio’s Roofing and Construction who have served Montego Bay for over 15 years got together to form Le Antonio’s Foundation with a mission to fill the obvious gaps in the lives of the youths of the surrounding communities in which their corporate office is located. Our founders came together in 2013 to start this organization in Barnett Lane, Montego Bay. Le Antonio’s Foundation operates under the leadership of Mr. Antonio McKoy, President and Founder, and the Foundation’s board of directors; however, our core operation team is our volunteers, who offer their services to make our Homework Center run effectively, and the Foundation’s other initiatives move from “a plan” to an an absolute reality. 

What We Offer

The Homework Center provides tutoring, books,supplies,computer and internet access, nutrition and mentoring to the less privileged children in the inner-cities of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The Homework Center will monitor each students report card and develop strong relationships with students; so that students who fall below grade level or are struggling in any subject area will receive extra help. The Homework Center is our flagship program, which host the free after-school program, mentoring program, end of summer student treat, back to school supplies and community fair treat, Christmas gifts and community fair treat, and the scholarship aid program.

The Development Center of Le Antonio’s seeks to partner with local and national businesses for employment opportunities, internship, entrepreneurship, and on the job training of youths and persons displaced from jobs or seeking employment. Helping high risk inner city youths attain the skills to become successful in life is at the core of the Le Antonio’s Foundation Program. Le Antonio’s Foundation will also partner with local, national and international colleges to assist youths in getting funding for higher education.

End Bullying Campaign Bullying is the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something against their will. Bullying can be described as an unwanted aggressive behavior towards an individual that involves a power imbalance, whether real or perceived. Bullying usually takes many forms and can involve physical attacks, emotional attacks and/or verbal attacks. Le Antonio’s Foundation is taking this “Bull by the horns” to end bullying among the youths of Jamaica.

Annual Youth Conference, Le Antonio’s Foundation annual Youth Conference is our marquee event, which will bring together over 250 high school students, trade school students, and displaced young people between the ages of 15-21 years across western Jamaica, for a day of self empowerment each November at the beautiful Montego Bay Civic Center, in St James Jamaica. A conference of this type, which gathers the youths from inner-city communities and rural areas have never been undertaken before in Jamaica. This monumental event will provide the young minds with networks of tertiary education, and career resources.

The Le Antonio’s Foundation Youth Conference initiative also host the Youth Movement Giving Back- which is an ongoing event, where the youths of the community give back by serving the elderly and other community members. Youth Forum Day (YFD) is our newest project in partnership with the internationally known organization Youth Service America, for their annual Global Youth Service Day each year in April. Our first YFD will be held on April 16, 2016.  We will host at least 20 leading students from high schools in Jamaica to discuss initiatives that can be implemented to help student successfully complete high schools.

The Foundation believe that hands which form a chain are strengthened by each link

Goals And Objective

The ongoing goal of the Le Antonio’s Foundation’s Homework and Development Center is to provide appropriate job training and information about career training options preferably hands-on experiences with community business and work placement of local businesses. We will serve children and young adults with homework assistance, tutoring, after-school activities, mentoring, a nourishing meal, education on health management services; with aim in developing the young person with prospects of an advanced future.

Our programs are prepared to ensure that:

Every child is given the opportunity to partake in learning, and that no child is deprived of this basic right because she/he does not have access to it, or does not have the resources to realize his or her dreams. We are actively working towards improvement in the school enrollment and learning levels of the needy children in the Montego Bay area. We work along with the children to create an impact on a large scale within their level, which is essential to bring about positive changes. We strongly believe in helping the less fortunate youths to achieve a more fortunate future.

  • Children are given a chance to get an education
  • Enrollment in schools increases
  • Learning in schools and communities increases
  • Youths set realistic long term and short term goals and attain their them

The programs we offer are aimed at assisting and not to oppose in any way or replace any government program. We work along with the education system and communities to plan and implement our programs.